Features of Billiardoo Plus

Billiardoo Plus comes with lots of features that will make your business easy and profitable. The key features have been highlighted in this section.

Table Rent Management

The Billiards & Snooker shops rent tables on time-minute basis. Billiardoo Plus provides time-minute based calculations on Rent Tables. It not only does the time-minute based calculations but also distributes the cost of the rent if more than one player is playing on a table. This is very helpful in making individual bills for individual customers who are playing on the same table. The rent of the table will be divided amount the number of playing customers according to their membership policy.

Membership & Discounts

Billiardoo Plus offers you one of the most rare and very useful feature that can increase your business revenue by applying new business logic now-and-then. Yes, the answer is Membership & Discounts. Using the Membership feature of the program you can create unlimited number of Memberships with different discounts rates and apply them as and when required. The Membership Discounts can be for rented tables, cafe orders, shop orders and long play hours. The rented table discounts are further more classified in to every-hour-of-the-day discounts which surely will attract more customers even in non-business hours as you can apply greate discounts during non-business hours.

Advance Customer Management

Billiardoo Plus is equipped with advance Customer Management gear. You can create and maintain your Customers within the program and all the accounting will then be just a click away. You will be able to generate Credit/Debit reports for any customers at anytime you want. You can also set seperate credit limit for each and every individual customer thus ensuring tight control over your business.

Maintain your Suppliers

Billiardoo Plus will now facilitate you with in maintaining & orgainzing your suppliers easily and effectively. You can now create and maintain suppliers, not only this but you can also create their bank account (multiple) which will be very helpful when transfering money to their accounts. You can also create multiple contacts of the suppliers.

A Complete Cafe Shop Solution

Billiardoo Plus offers a whole new feature of Cafe Shop. The Billiardoo Plus Cafe Shop is a complete solution which includes, Raw Material Inventory, Tracking, Receipe Management, Receipe Ingredients, Cafe Shop Sales & more... We are confident that you will not find a feature like this in any of our competitors. You will now be able to make complete inventory control on your raw items like sugar, milk, ketchup, etc... Once you create a Cafe Item like Burger and assign all the necessary ingredients to it then the program will take care of raw material quantity used. Whenever the Burger is sold all the ingredients quantities will then be substracted accordingly thus making your stock report more meaningfull and accurate. The quantity Traking feature will definetly help you in maintaining the raw materials properly and minimize misuse.

A Complete Retail Shop Solution

Billiardoo Plus offers Retail Shop Solution as well. As we said, that we offer a complete solution so how can we miss the Retail Shop. The Billiardoo Plus Retail Shop includes, Material Inventory, Barcoding, Stock Tracking, Retail Shop Sales & more... You will now be able to make complete inventory control on your retail items like. You can also create an item and associate additional items along with it, the item you created will be treated as one virtual item and when you sell this item, all the associated additional items stock quantity will be affected accordingly. The stock quantity Traking feature will definetly help you in maintaining the materials properly and minimize misuse.

Support Multiple Printers

Billiardoo Plus supports multiple printers. What does this mean? Well, let us explain it this way. Multiple printers mean that you can have seperate printer for your Invoice Receipts, seperate printer for your Daily Reports and a seperate printer for your Orders. Multiple printers will surely help you be more organized and professional. For example, when an order is entered in the system then the Order Preperation Receipt can be printed directly on the Orders Printer located in the Kitchen without any manual intervention, thus the workflow is streamline and production is more efficient. Printing Invoice Receipts on a Thermail Receipt Printer is more economical than printing on a normal Inkject printer, thus we provide printing support on Thermal printers. Our system is capable of hanlding multiple printers in a easy an efficient way, you will have to configure the printers only one time and the system will then print the respective task on the respective printers only.

Integrates with Cash Drawer & Barcode Scanner

Billiardoo Plus is highly integrateable. It can integrate with most of the Cash Drawers with minial setup procedure. Once the Cash Drawer is integrated than the counter operations become very secure as the cash can be secured properly and with more security. The Cash Drawer will be opened by the system on every check-out and if manual opening is required then the password should be entered to make it more secure. If the Cash Drawer is opened manually through the system then the system will log this action for referal purpose thus accounting every action.

Bililardoo Plus integrates seamlessly with any standard Barcode Scanner without the need of any kind of setup. You should assign the proper barcode for the items you wish to sell with barcodes.

Table Light Controller

Billiardoo Plus makes itself unique in the market by providing and supporting Table Light Controllers. The Table Light Controller we supply integrates easily with our program and provides you a close control on the usage of Rented Tables. The Table Light controll is especially used to control the table light of rented tables (billiards table, snooker table, hockey table, etc...). The table lights of the rented table can be connected to the Table Light Controller and they will be switched on automatically when a customer Check's In. And the table lights will be turned off when the customer check's out. This will help you save money by freezing the free-use of the rented tables and avoid unwanted electricity power consumbtion thus contributing towards green earth.

Configurable Alarms

Utlize the power of Billiardoo Plus Alarms. You can now set Three different alarms for a customer, the system can alarm if the customer charged amount has increased the set limit, and/or if the cutomer game duration has exceeded the set limit and/or if the current clock time has exceeded the set limit.

Shif Change Capability

We understand the nature of this business, that's why we know Shift. The business needs to be handle in shifts (1, 2 or 3) and when this happens the accounting & maintenance becomes more tougher. With Billiardoo Plus you can now relax as we provide you with the best possible technology to handle the Shift Change Capablities. You will now be able to run shifts and at the end of the shift you just click the End Shift Button and all your accounting needs are fullfiled. You will get a comprehensive Shif Summary which you can tally with your cash register and hand over the shift to the other person. It is as easy as that...

Customer Debit/Credit Facility

To imporve your business and make healty customer relationship you usally tend to give the customer a credit line. Of course, the credit line has a limit and every customer can have different credit limit. Well, you want to give credit but how will you maintain your accounts? The answer is Billiardoo Plus. Billiardoo Plus provides you the facility of lending credit to customers and maintaing the accounts accordingly. All the track record of Credit/Debit is well maintain in our system. This is one of our strongest selling point which we believe no other competitor has it.

Multi Node Operations

Billiardoo Plus is a pure network enabled software program. It is developed on some of the world's best technologies which ensures that you get the best in all departments, including Networking. The Billiardoo Plus operates in Server-Client Mode. You can have One Server installed in your network and then install any number of Billiardoo Plus Clients (Network Nodes) to connect to the server. The whole Billiardoo Network will share the same data thus high integrity & efficient workflow is achieved.

Powerfull & Configurable Security

Billiardoo Plus is equipped with very strong security module. You can create different user groups with different access privilages. For example you can create a group called Operators who can do the routine operations but if they want to change any order that was placed then they cannot do that. They have to get the permission from the authorized person to do so.

Windows Compatible

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