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Demo Version doesn't get started
The demo version need an internet connection to validate your copy of demo. Check your internet connection and firewall settings and try again.
How many table lights can be controlled?
You can controll a maximum of 64 table lights. Each Billiardoo Table Light Controller can controll up to 8 lights and 8 table light controllers can be cascaded to provide the control for 64 table ligths.
How can I connect more than one table light controller to one computer?
Only one table light controller will be connected to the computer's serial COM port. The other table light controller will be cascaded from the branching cable that is comming from the same serial COM Port.
Hom many computers (nodes) can be connected for mult-node operations?
Well, the possiblities are seamless, you can connect as many computers as you want on the Billiardoo Network. All what you need is a Billiardoo Server License and Additional Client Licenses for each computer you wish to connect.
How much will it cost me to ugrade from the old software "Billiardoo Vista" to the latest software Billiardoo Plus?
If you are and exisitng customer with a valid annual renewal contract then the upgrade is free of cost. And if you are and existing customer without a valid annual renewal contract then the upgrade price is 75% of the listed price.
What happens to my existing data upon upgrade from Billiardoo Vista to Billiardoo Plus?

We provide a migration tool which will migrate the most essential data like the customer balances, table layout & setup & memebership policies. The invoice will not be migrated.

To download the migratration tool now!

Migration Instructions

1. Download the Migration Tool (zip file) and extract its contents.
2. Copy the MigrateDatabase.exe file to Billiardoo Vista (Old Version) program folder.
3. Run the MigrateDatabase.exe file to complete the data migration.

Important Note: The above data migration actions should be preformed on the computer which is configured as the Billiardoo Server. You cannot perform the Migration from a Client Node. Also, the computer on which the data migration is being performed should have the latest version of Billiardoo Plus installed in parallel to the Billiardoo Vista old version.


Access to path denied (Windows 7)
Access to path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Billiardoo Plus\Client x64" is denied

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