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Billiardoo is developed by Terabit Software Solutions ( We are well experienced company and we are in this business for the last 5 years with installations all around the world. Our success is because we understand the business requirements very well and most importantly we deliver what the business needs and not what we want to.

We are very focused company and so is our software, we don't provide open soultions, we provide focused solutions which justifies the targeted business needs and make the owners comfortable & profitable.

We have been in this business for the last 5 years and our success shows that our product is meeting and exceeding the Billiards & Cafe Shop business requirements. We have been constantly updating our software to keep our customers up-to-date and get the most of the latest technologies and enhancements.

We have incooperated lot of suggestions that were contributed by our existing esteemed customers and that's why probably we have the best selling software/hardware solution for this business.

We have developed this program over the years and added lots of new features to make it the best in the world. We have been constantly providing what the business need and that's why we think we doing well in this competitive market.

The bottom line is...
Our strength is our customers and we understand them & their requirements very well that's why we delivery a good product.

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